Speaking Topics

Linda Wolstencroft at the Ontario Aerospace Council: First Impressions Count: Effective Selling in Crucial Meetings. Click here to watch the video.


Theme = Baseball

Many organizations simply don’t prepare effective proposals. Executive leaders should care passionately about this because the proposal is the single most important document and can make or break a sale. You will learn what you as a business executive need to do to insure top-notch proposals are produced.

You will gain tips and tricks that you can use immediately to validate your organization’s proposal process.


Theme = Love Relationships

“Can’t live with ‘em, can’t live without ‘em.” It’s the glaring truth about bour customers. How can we reconcile the conundrum and achieve the right balance? Learn the top three approaches to customer relations and discover how to unearth the real story buried within your organization’s perceptions and anecdotes.

Choose your own optimum solution and learn the simple actions you can implement immediately to radically improve your customer relations. Read A Review


Theme = Undercover Spying

“Strategy” – the business concept that takes more forms than an undercover spy. The fact is that successful organizations embrace the concept and work hard to develop it and implement it. It is the single most important subject for an organization to address and is often the subject that is most ignored or imperiled by procrastination.

Learn the five essential elements of a strategy and how you can map your own strategy.


Seminar Topics

This special presentation seminar forms part of a three-part comprehensive learning opportunity.

  1. BEFORE THE PROPOSAL Getting the client to want your offering
    Your proposal is the ticket to the game. Most of your Business Development work needs to be focused on the period before the proposal – up to 80% of the Business Development effort should take place prior to the RFP release. These skills can also be used for prompting a justified sole-source award.
  2. WRITING THE PROPOSALDon’t just answer the mail
    It has been said that the proposal is a company’s most important document. Proposal writing skills are different from technical and marketing writing. Learn the art and science and put your best work forward to maximize your chances of winning the program.
  3. PROGRAM IMPLEMENTATION AND CUSTOMER FOLLOW-UP Keys to long-term success. “Great! We won!” is followed closely by “Oh no! Now we have to deliver!” Learn how to build momentum after the win to quickly start the new program on a positive footing.