CustomerLove2Customer Love – Delta Chamber of Commerce
September 25, 2014 – Delta, Canada

“Can’t live with ‘em, can’t live without ‘em.” It’s the glaring truth about our customers. How can we reconcile the conundrum and achieve the right balance? Learn the top three approaches to customer relations and discover how to unearth the real story buried within your organization’s perceptions and anecdotes. Choose your own optimum solution and learn the simple actions you can implement immediately to radically improve your customer relations. Read The Testimonial



Everyone Needs a Strategy Delta Chamber of Commerce
March 5, 2014 – Delta, Canada

“Strategy” – The business concept that takes more forms than an undercover spy. The fact is that successful companies embrace the concept and work hard to develop it and implement it. It is the single most important subject for a company to address and often the subject that is most ignored. Learn the five essential elements of a strategy and how you can map our your own strategy.


AppearanceFirst Impressions Count: Effective Selling in Crucial Meetings
February 27, 2014 – Mississauga, Ontario

Presented by the Ontario Aerospace Council and supported by Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada, this workshop will enhance your performance in meeting situations in which it is critical to stand out from the crowd. Be a company that can advance the sale and shorten the timeframe for winning new business. For more information visit this link.


SuccessThe Seven Principles of Successful Proposals
January 2014

This webinar contains brand new material on what principles you and your team can adopt immediately to make your proposal efforts more successful. It is designed to assist anyone who is involved in the process of winning new business of a significant scale. Click here to view the Webinar.


Strategy2SAE 2013 Aerotech Congress & Exhibition
September 24-26, 2013 – Montreal, Canada

Linda Wolstencroft spoke on the topic “Business Strategy – Crucial to an Aerospace Company’s Success.” Biennially, thousands of the world’s top aerospace professionals gather at the SAE AeroTech Congress & Exhibition – the essential aerospace event where the aerospace community prepares for future challenges and opportunities. This exclusive event provided an invaluable opportunity for attendees to renew and develop important business relationships within the international aerospace industry.


BusinessPlanWestern Aerospace Expo
May 6-8, 2013 – Winnipeg, Canada

Linda Wolstencroft appeared as part of the Pre–Conference Business Program. A dynamic, ambitiously informative business expo is planned that will appeal to the diverse membership of aerospace associations and related business and government sectors and offer an excellent forum in which to focus on matters key to the continued growth and competitiveness of the aerospace industry in Western Canada.


Executive Proposal Management
May 2011 – Ottawa, Canada

What should you do to develop a proposal that meets the mark? This one-day educational covers how to address areas such as:

  • Keys to a successful proposal – advice from years in the trenches
  • What to do before the RFP drops
  • When the RFP drops – the imperative initial activities
  • Proposal Kick-Off
  • Ensuring and proving compliance
  • Getting full value from Subject Matter Experts
  • RFP changes
  • Pricing to win
  • Proposal review process
  • Risk management
  • IRB requirements
  • Using a virtual team
  • Final production and delivery


Before the Proposal – Making the Customer want your Offering
May 2012 – Ottawa, Canada

What is the best way to improve your odds of winning a competitive bid? Simply put: do all you can to get ready. A common statistic states that 80% of Business Development efforts should take place prior to the proposal. Prior to submitting a bid, successful companies make it standard practice to spend years building relationships, establishing credibility, discussing risks and benefits, and even so far as to already explore possible ideal solutions with potential customers.

What should you do before the proposal hits? This one-day seminar next month in Ottawa covers topics that include:

  • Knowing yourself and what you can offer
  • Knowing the competitive standing of your offering in the market place
  • Knowing your customer and their requirements
  • Establishing relationships
  • Finding out what is important
  • Determining how your competitors perform
  • Preselling your offering
  • Using outside help
  • Tailoring your offering
  • Adopting effective communication strategies
  • Making the customer successful
  • Providing recommendations for specifications, work statements, evaluation plans
  • Ghosting the competition
  • Dealing with RFIs and SOIQs


Seminar Testimonials:

Delta Chamber of Commerce

Thanks to Chamber member Linda Wolstencroft of Aerospace BIZDEV for her “Customer Love” presentation. Our members learned valuable tips on how customer service can greatly improve business results. The stories and real case studies she shared were especially appreciated. We recommend Linda and “Customer Love” to all businesses looking to make a difference.

The Delta Chamber of Commerce is a federally registered non-profit corporation of businesses and community organizations, established in 1910. It is governed by the federal Board of Trade Act administered by Industry Canada. It serves as the only chamber of commerce in the Municipality of Delta, British Columbia, Canada to create and maintain a prosperous environment for business, industry and commerce in our community and province.


Aflare Systems Inc.

Linda’s First Impressions Workshop presented in collaboration with OAC hit right on the mark with showing our weaknesses and strengths while clarifying our own customer value proposition. An eye opener emphasizing fundamental principles while enabling us to look in depth at our customer relationship building practices.

– Roman Ronge,
Owner and President, Aflare Systems Inc.

Aflare Systems Inc. is a privately held engineering company incorporated in 2005. Founded as a design and development company with emphasis on robust and reliable embedded and real-time systems for aerospace, defense and medical systems industries, Aflare Systems is dedicated to provide industry clients with reliable, cost effective solutions and systems.


International Machine Transport Inc.

After taking the Proposal Seminar by Aerospace BizDev Inc., we now have the tools necessary to present a powerful and compelling proposal to prospective customers. Their method has given us a much clearer understanding on how to present our services that will place a stronger emphasis on bringing value to our customers.

– Mark Sorrey
President, International Machine Transport Inc.

IMT is a service provider to the Aerospace Industry.


GasTOPS Ltd.

“Linda, I just wanted to follow up on your workshop ‘Before the Proposal, Making the Customer Want Your Offering’. I found the workshop to be both very interesting and informative. We are a growing business and the workshop provided an insight into proposal preparation that will definitely help us in our efforts to acquire more business in defence and aerospace.”

– Aiden J. Donahue, General Manager
GasTOPS Ltd.

GasTOPS is a leading supplier of advanced products and services for control and condition assessment of critical machinery in military applications.