The Business Development Coaching Program will help you make significant, complex sales.

Learn how to succeed in selling your products and services.

Engage in this program when:

  • You are changing careers into business development, such as transitioning
    from military to business responsibilities.
  • You want to take on more challenges in your organization.
  • You need to improve your business development leadership
    skills to help win a vital program.
  • You want to achieve a high win rate.
  • You want to become a successful business development leader.
  • You want to develop a cohesive multi-disciplinary team focused on winning
    a key contract.
  • You are communicating with Presidents, CEOs, and Boards on business
    development opportunities.
  • You consider personal and professional growth as a prime objective.

The coaching program is a highly effective way of learning what you need, when you need it.

The Business Development Coaching Program provides:

  • Focused attention from a successful business development
  • A sounding board to discuss internal leadership tactics as well as external
    customer and competitor activities.
  • A safe, confidential and supportive environment that will take you outside of
    your comfort zone in order to develop tactics and strategies that will lead to
    improved results.
  • Honest feedback about your strengths and growth opportunities.
  • Guidance on resources and networks that are right for you.
  • Guiding principles of success learned from real business
    development experiences.
  • Improved focus and productivity.
  • Relevant skills and knowledge.

The Business Development Coaching Program produces:

  • Extremely high returns on investment.
  • Accelerated career advancement.
  • Significant improvement in sales success.
  • Increased network .
  • Reduction in labor intensity.