The fundamental advantage of our offering is the ability to bridge from strategic to tactical.

Each of the two foundations of the bridge must be developed. The strategic foundation must be stable and strong and must address the key strategic elements necessary to be successful in growing new business. The tactical foundation must address the key elements of Customer, Competition and Win Strategy.

It is only by deliberately aligning the strategic and the tactical foundations that success will occur. This result is backed by Linda’s successful experience in winning several long-term, high-value contract awards.


Corporate Strategy

Accelerate business results through corporate strategy. An effective corporate strategy often makes the difference in exceeding business growth objectives. Understand how to position your company amongst market drivers and competitors’ strategies. Orchestrate your company activities to drive results. Power your company’s growth while engaging your people to learn, grow and participate in a fulfilling journey.


 Business Development

Business Development Planning: Growth through new business development happens with action. Consider what activities drive your company forward most effectively.

Business Development Process: Of the new business opportunities, which ones will bring results? Choose the opportunities with the most promise, and structure your activities to achieve the win.

Capture Planning: Several variables impact business development success. The risk of missing one is the difference between winning or not.

Proposal Planning, Management and Review: To create success, complex proposals for high-value opportunities are performed best through diligent planning and management. Overspending and schedule lag are common risks. Developing a proposal that is clearly outstanding over those of your competitors’ is vital.

Organizational Development: An organization that possesses the skills to review, select, qualify and win new business, and is driven by passion and hunger, drives exceptional results.


Linda-ConsultingServices-Pic2“Red Team Review” – Linda Wolstencroft’s Proposal Exposé: Dramatically Growing Sales

This unique service is offered by one of the few experts in business development in aerospace. Linda draws upon over two decades of developing and reviewing proposals – dramatically improving her clients’ success rates of winning new business from government and the military, airlines, helicopter operators, OEMs and prime contractors, throughout North America and internationally.

This essential service will change the game for your business development efforts and significantly increase your probability of winning.


Outcomes you will gain from this service:

1. Set a winning strategy

2. Align your entire proposal with your strategy

3. Boost your technical, management and past performance scores

4. Identify key areas of weakness and make them irrelevant

5. Mitigate risk areas

6. Avoid the business killer: being non-compliant

7. Add dynamic material that captivates the evaluators

8. Escape the doldrums of boring sections

9. Creatively use visuals for best impact and maximum points

10. Make it easy for the evaluators to see your value

Your proposal will be dramatically improved AND you will be able to generate better proposals in the future.

This service is available when, where and through the medium best for you.