How to:

• Win a major contract
• Grow your revenue
• Improve your selling process
• Improve your personal or team performance
• Strategize and plan for the future


• $3 billion in new business with several long-term high value contracts
• Five fold revenue growth over three years
• Business planning, strategy, contracts and ITB expertise

Corporate Strategy – Advice and Facilitation

A corporate strategy that sets out the principles for growth is a fundamental requirement for successful revenue growth. Many companies don’t have a formal, or up to date, corporate strategy. Given the fast pace of change and the multitude of new business opportunities that exist for most businesses, an exercise in updating or formalizing corporate strategy is essential.

An effective corporate strategy often makes the difference in meeting or exceeding revenue growth objectives. It’s critical to determine how to position amongst market drivers and competitors’ strategies. What follows is coordination of business activities throughout the organization, and engagement of people.

Contact us for:

  • Strategy Facilitation Sessions
  • Strategy Development and Review
  • Strategic Planning and Advice
  • Strategy Roll-Out and Implementation


Business Development

Business Development – where the growth actually occurs – is arguably the most important discipline in a growing company.

Aerospace BizDev covers all aspects of Business Development:

• Business Development Planning: How, when, who, and who much? Business Development Planning addresses how the growth strategy and revenue growth objectives will actually be achieved.

• Business Development (Sales) Process: Review (or develop) the new business funnel, or pipeline. With a defined process that sets out pass/fail gates, review criteria, milestones, and decision-making principles, the speed of acquiring new business quickens. An important other benefit is that diligent following of the process often results in staying ahead of market, customer and competitor moves.

• Capture Planning: Review (or development) of the Capture Plan. The Capture Plan sets out how a specific new business opportunity will be won, and addresses each and every single factor that impacts the probability of success. The Capture Plan is key to winning or losing.

• Organizational Development: A review of the business development organization, and individuals, in terms of the ability to execute on business growth. This review is crucial to ensure that the right people with the right skills and attitudes are in the right positions to achieve the planned growth.


Proposal Planning, Management and Review

The proposal is the final part of the growth process. As such, it’s the most important document your business produces.

• Proposal Planning and Proposal Management

Complex proposals for high-value business opportunities are best executed through diligent planning and management. Common risks that businesses face are overspending, lack of expertise, and tight deadlines. Expert planning and management overcome these risks.

• Red Team Review

The Red Team Review addresses a single proposal and provides advice on elements of the proposal such as win strategy, win themes, proposal cohesiveness and compliance with customer requirements. The Red Team Review activity increases the probability of win.


ITB (Industrial and Technological Benefits)

This advisory and review service works with Canada’s latest requirements on ITBs and Value Proposition and covers:

  • Planning how to achieve ITBs,
  • Preparing the ITB proposal,
  • Negotiating ITB teaming and subcontractor agreements, and
  • Executing ITB plans.


Contracts and Subcontracts Management

Contracts and subcontracts can make or break project success. Negotiate workable contractual relationships, including:

  • Major subcontractor agreements,
  • Vendor agreements,
  • Teaming agreements,
  • License agreements.